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External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for Propene (Propylene) Tank Level Gaugi

2017-07-07  Source SK

Date: 2017-06-15


Client: Chemical industrial from Shandong province

Tank Type: Horizontal tank

Tank height: 3800mm.

Tank wall thickness: 22mm

Liquid material: Propene.

Measuring the Propene level value with SK new temperature calibration tech level gauge..




1.External liquid level sensor is the best solution for Propene liquid level gauging .Because Propene is easy flammable and explosive liquid, and my external liquid level sensor no need drilling the tank, without flanges installation, and no need stop work when installation.


2. Temperature calibration

The Propane liquid density is changing with the different temperature, same propene tank, the morning level value is different from the afternoon. My external liquid level sensor use diameter calibration before, means get the sound speed thought the diameter place, but in the truth, so many tanks liquid level never arrive diameter place, so the sensor cannot calibrate the sound speed, accuracy not very good. Now I can calibrate the sound speed with temperature, different temperature with different sound speed, after so many tests, this temperature calibration is very high accuracy.