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Non Contact Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for LPG Skid Tank

2017-06-09  Source SK

Date: 2017-04-13

Non Contact Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor for LPG Skid Tank

Client measuring the LPG tank level with radar sensor before, need stop the tank working, drilling the tank for installation and also high price. Our non contact ultrasonic level sensor no need open the tank, no need stop the tank work, easy installation, also higher accuracy than radar.

 Non Contact Liquid Level Sensor (LPG level sensor) Six Big Advantage for LPG Skid Tank

1. Our non contact sensor with tank gauging control systems, can remote the level value to control center, also can output the volume , weight and the history record data, this gauging system can control max 32 LPG tanks at the same time.


2. Non contact LPG level sensor can relay out with alarms when the liquid level arrive the set value.


3. My LPG level sensor probe also can measuring the liquid temperature, be showed from level indicator and remote to control center.


4. Lower Dead Zone.30mm .Advanced algorithm makes the high accuracy for non contact liquid level sensor..


5. Non contact liquid level sensor with two wire system, lowest power, make the industrial work will be more safe, at the same time can save the industrial electric wires cost. SK is the only one manufacture can do the two wires non contact ultrasonic liquid level sensor in the world.

6. SK two wire non contact sensor be apply to chemical industrial from beginning of 2014 , total sold about 300 sets , that running stability also in the harsh work condition with high user evaluation .