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Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Gauge



Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Gauge


This non intrusive fuel tank gauge uses the sonar technology to measure the height of oil level in tank and output a standard electrical signal after through circuit processing. 

It could be widely used in various types of vehicles for fuel measuring and monitoring, also could be combined  with GPS/GPRS communication technology,  through the computer  software management  platform  to achieve scientific management  vehicles,  prevent  fuel theft behavior  and save the vehicle operating  cost.



■ High Accuracy is1mm.

■ Non-intrusive technology,  compare  with the traditional measuring

method of direct contact  、float-type  、pressure-type  、magnetic  system  of sliding,  it does  not  contact the liquid directly and could be sure its stability and long-life.

■  Easy installation.  You need to install  it on the bottom of fuel tank and no need  to change the original  tank structure,  without  punch or change the fuel tank and could measure the fuel capacity directly so that could be saving the cost of installation;

■It could be directly combined with the common GPS/GPRS transmission module  to remote the liquid level value.

■Strong  antistatic ability (EMC).  It could eliminate most of the auto parts produced by electrostatic interference, even the lightning electromagnetic interference

■  With standardization  data interface. There are analog voltage (1-5V) and current (4-20mA) output, digital output of RS232 and RS485;

■   Alarm output. It could be external horn and achieve alarm when the fuel level rapid declines or the wire was cut;


Technical parameters

Operating Voltage: DC9V-36V

Operating current less than 55mA

Measuring range:300cm

Tank thickness: 1-20mm

Pressure range: -0.1MPa~32MPa

Dead zone: less then3mm

Measurement accuracy1mm

Output mode

Analog output Voltage output (default) 1-5V (corresponding 0-300cm)

Current output (optional4-20mA (corresponding 0-300cm)

Digital output RS232 (default) See the “communication protocol”

RS485 (optional)

Anti-theft alarm output needs external connection an alarming horn to achieve alarm

Install method bottom of oil tank/can, water tank

Material  of tank/container  Steel、aluminum

Operating temperature -40    - +80 

Cable length10m, with shield



1. Fuel level measurement of various kinds of vehicles (anti-theft fuel);

2. Oil and water level measure for industry with in 300mm.


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